Say hello to our new team members

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Say hello to our new team members: Per, Gerda and Felicia.

The local committee of the Special Olympics World Winter Games is small but growing. In the last weeks three new members have joined the team.


Gerda Nilsson Tjernström, Head of Health

Gerda Nilsson Tjernström is working with the public health investment, which is the theme of the Games. Gerda has extensive work experience from non-profit, private and public sectors and has for instance worked as a manager for Generation Pep, a non-profit organization that aims to create more equal health for children and youths in Sweden.

Gerda also has a large network within the public health branch, she has worked with strategic development for many big companies, as a consultant at McKinsey and as a vice-principal at a public school.

She has been working with the Games since early June.


Per Lagerström, Head of Communications

Per Lagerström is the Head of Communications and Marketing. Per has long work experience in the field of communications. He has worked as Head of Communications in both the non-profit sector as well as the public sector. He has worked with political influence – both as a PR consultant and for different organizations.

Per has also been editor in chief and publisher for organizations’ magazines and has worked as a copywriter at an advertising agency.

He will start working full time from August 15.


Felicia Johnson, delegation support

Earlier this year, Felicia Johnson graduated with a bachelor degree in tourism from the Mid Sweden University. Felicia lives in Åre and has a lot of experience from the hotel and event business in the region of Jämtland.

She wrote her examination paper in collaboration with the Swedish Parasport federation (which Special Olympics Sweden is a part of). The paper is about the level of service hotel staff provide Parasport athletes.

Felicia Johnson will work with delegation support from mid July.

Already on the team

Göran Hägerdal, Senior Project Manager

Karin Riddar, Head of Operations

Kristin Frilund, Head of Non-Sports Activities