Special Olympics Sweden has got its first messengers.
In November, a number of athletes were trained.
– What has long been an idea has now become reality, says Linnéa Björndahl, Sports Director Special Olympics Sweden.

In november, about a dozen athletes started their training to become a messenger for Special Olympics Sweden.
The messengers are the first ever in Sweden.
– This is an important part of the work with our legacy. We want to get more people with intellectual disabilities into sports, and to do that we need messengers, says Linnéa Björndahl.
– This is important for Special Olympics Sweden and means that we are taking another step in the right direction. It is important that we find strong leaders that can be role models and inspire people with intellectual disabilities to healthier lifestyles.

The messengers’ mission is to help spread Special Olympics in Sweden as well as in the world.
They will participate in four activities a year, for example the Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020 and Special Olympics World Winter Games 2021.
– They will be doing everything from appearing in advertising campaigns, lecturing on Special Olympics to attending School Days and competition events, says Linnéa Björndahl.

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To their assistance they have mentors.
– The mentors will support the messengers’. They will for instance help with the administratives, which can be a challenge if you have an intellectual disability. The mentors support them so that the messengers’ can be strong individuals.

Linnéa Björndahl is certain that the messengers’ will make Special Olympics Sweden grow even more in Sweden.
– They are very excited and focused to start their missions, says Linnéa Björndahl.

Special Olympics Sweden messengers

Alva Almgren and Jesper Eriksson Nylund are two of  Special Olympics Swedens messengers. (Click on the image to open the album).


Special Olympics Sweden Messengers

Niclas Moberg, Special Olympics Messenger
Darek Lekander, Special Olympics Messenger
Alva Almgren, Special Olympics Messenger

Kim Nilsson, Special Olympics Board Messenger
Isak Langfors, Special Olympics Board Messenger

Ricky Landgraff, Special Olympics Media Messenger
Jesper Nylund, Special Olympics Media Messenger
Mike Malmer, Special Olympics Media Messenger

Emil Jönsson, Special Olympics Health Messenger
Lille Rouskanen, Special Olympics Health Messenger