The international delegations arrived to Åre Östersund Airport and Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games on Tuesday.
– I’m excited to see Åre, says Stefanie Wiegel from Germany.

The delegations from Austria, Belgium and Great Britain rode the Åre bergbana, swam, danced and snowmobiling.

The delegations from Bharat, Poland, Spain and Germany got the opportunity to look at the view from the top of Arctura in Östersund, visit the Jamtli museum and then participate in a training session at Friskis & Svettis.

Florian Daimer and Stefani Wiegel from Germany enjoyed the Host Town Experience.

– It’s been good. It’s my first time in Sweden, says Florian Daimer.

– I like Östersund a lot and I’m really excited to see Åre, says Stefanie Wiegel.

February 1st is the opening ceremony of Sweden Invitational Games 2020. Stefanie says that she has been to two world games – but this is the first time she is competing in Sweden. She’s a little bit nervous about the competitions.

– I’m always nervous before but it goes away in the first run, she says.

Florian Damier is also looking forward to the competitions and shows how much by stretching his arms to the sides and laughing.
What is your goal?
– Gold, he says.