Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing was established at Special Olympics in 1977 and is offered as one of four Special Olympics snow sports, along with Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowshoeing.

Cross Country Skiing is a winter sport in which participants propel themselves across snow-covered terrain using skis and poles.

Cross Country Skiing requires all participants to possess great endurance and is one of the sports that burns the most calories.

27 670 Special Olympics athletes participated in cross country skiing event in 2011.

At Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020 will athletes compete in the following events:

• Category 1: 50 meter classical technique, 100 meter classical technique.
• Category 2: 500 meter free technique, 1K free technique, 2,5K free technique, 4 x 1K relay free technique.
• Category 3: 2,5K free technique, 2,5K classical technique, 5K free technique, 7,5K free technique, 10K free technique, 4 x 1K relay free technique


Special Olympics cross country skiing offers a series of rule modifications relating to the process in which a race is started. Some races are conducted using interval starts with one or two athletes starting on intervals every 30 seconds while others are started with a simple pistol shot.

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Östersunds Skidlöpareklubb
Local Sports Organizer

Östersund Ski Stadium

Competitions in cross country skiing will be held at Östersund Ski Stadium, an arena of the highest international class. The location is unique, just a 15 minute walk from city center and close to Östersund Arena. Read more about Östersund Ski Stadium.