Host Town Experience will take place during the International Delegations’ first days in Sweden. After arriving to Östersund Airport they will be taken by bus to one of our four Host Towns: Östersund, Ånn, Dorotea or Sollefteå. During the Host Town Experience the host team will organize activities where the International Delegations will have the chance to get to know more about Sweden’s nature and culture but also have time to rest and prepare for the coming games. The Host Town accommodation will be in hotel or youth hostel standard and the type and number of rooms allocated have been separately communicated to each Delegation.

General schedule:  

28th January Arrival and transfer to Host Town. No specific activities planned.  

29th January  Activity day – specific program for each Host Town will be communicated to each Delegation.  

30th January Activity day  

31st January  Departure from Host Town after breakfast. Transfer to your game time accommodation.  


The Host Town Experience for Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020 is presented by Lions Sweden. 

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