Here you will find an overview of the program for Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020. Schedules for each sport can be found in the menu bar or by clicking on the name of the sport below. Please note that the schedules are preliminary and can be changed.

Cross Country Skiing
Figure skating
Short Track Speed Skating
Alpine Skiing

28 January

Arrival of International Delegations to Åre and Östersund.

29 January

Host Town Experience.

30 January

Host Town Experience.

31 January

International Delegations return from Host Town. Arrival of Swedish participants.

1 February

Divisioning + Opening Ceremony (19.00 at Stortorget in Östersund).

2 February

Divisioning & Competitions.

3 February


4 February

Competitions + Ending of the Games.

5 February

Day of departure.