Snowshoeing was established at Special Olympics in 1997 and has quickly become a favorite outdoor winter activity. Since 2005, when there were 11 676 Special Olympics snowshoe athletes, the sport has grown by over 110 percent. In 2011, close to 25 000 Special Olympics Athletes competed in different snowshoeing events hosted by 70 Special Olympics programs.

Combining aerobic activity with ease of walking over snow without sinking in, snowshoeing is an activity for all ages.

The races are reaching from 25 meter up to 10 kilometers and, depending on the distance, the sport requires high explosiveness as well as good stamina.

At Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020 and Special Olympics World Winter Games 2021 athletes will compete in the following events:

Category 1: 25 meter race, 50 meter race.
Category 2: 100 meter race, 200 meter race, 400 meter race, 4×100 meter relay.
Category 3: 200 meter race, 400 meter race, 800 meter race, 4×100 meter relay.


The competitions and distances are designed in a way that makes it possible for athletes of different performance levels to participate.

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Lake Åre

Competitions in snowshoeing will take place on Lake Åre, next to Åre. During winter, a thick layer of ice lays on the lake, making it an excellent place for iceskating and snowshoeing. Read more about Lake Åre.