Snowshoeing was established at Special Olympics in 1997 and has quickly become a favorite outdoor winter activity. Combining aerobic activity with ease of walking over snow, snowshoeing is an activity for all ages.

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Specific Team Info

Bibs and registration at the Ski Stadium
Upon arrival the first day at the arena, Sunday February 2nd
, please visit the Sports information desk and register all your athletes. This is also where all the athlete’s bibs are handed out.
You must register your athletes and collect the bibs well before the start of the divisioning.

  • Deadline, Sunday February 2nd TBA

Coaches meeting
The place for the coaches meeting is in the restaurant on the 1st
 floor in the competition Office and will be held at the following times:

  • Sunday February 2nd – 13.45
  • Monday February 3rd – 15.15

Parking at the Ski Stadium
Those of you traveling by your own car to the Ski Stadium will find a lot of parking spaces close to the Arctura Tower, right at the main entrance or on the other side big road (Litsvägen) passing through the arena.

Storage at stadium
We will offer two Wax Cabin for storage of snowshoes over the night. 
The deposit for the key is 20 Euro and will be handed out at the Sports information desk. Coaches are responsible for signing the key in and out for their program.

Make sure you to mark your snowshoes properly with your full name, association.


Office Name Telephone Email
Chief of competition Åsa Danvind +46703966693
Technical Delegate Silvester Polc
Main Operation Center
/Head of Sports
Patrik Jemteborn +46706712008
Accommodation office Jessica Thylin +46702030166
Transportation Office Maria Lönnborg +46 76 846 81 15
Sports information desk Christina Persson +46 702547222
Wax cabin Service Info Point By the restaurant at the arena

Sports information desk / Race Office
The competition office is placed at the arena next to the media center building beside the grandstands. You will find the sports information desk and race office on the 2nd floor. Open during competition days from 08.00 – 20.00.

Dressing rooms / Athlete Lounge / Staging
The media center building will be the main gathering point for the athletes before and after the competitions. The dressing rooms are located at the 1st floor and the athlete lounge and staging area is located on the 2nd floor.

Lunch will be served on the 1st
 floor of the competition office between February 1st to February 4th.

Information desk
Right beside the restaurant we will host an information desk, this is where everyone can turn for questions you have regarding for example: Shuttle buses, competition schedules, things to do in Östersund and so on.

Commercial rights
It is not allowed to wear any mayor commercial logos on the competition and the warm-up clothes, small local brands are acceptable.

Flags and national symbols
It’s not allowed to wear any national flags on the competition and the warm-up clothes. National flags are not allowed on the competition arenas.


The competitions and distances are designed in a way that makes it possible for athletes of different performance levels to participate.

Link: Rules
Link: Fact Sheet

Local Sports Organizer

Östersund Ski Stadium

During Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020 will the competitions be held at Östersund Ski Stadium.