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Welcome to Sweden

The County of Jämtland is like no other place on earth. The region has a unique flora and fauna and is famous for its nature, passion for sport, and recreation. The region is located in the southern part of northern Sweden and has a population of around 129,000 people, of which 62,000 live in the city of Östersund.

The County of Jämtland is an active region with a love for sports and nature. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobile safaris, dog sledding, ice fishing, riding, ice climbing, and reindeer sleigh rides are some of the most popular activities in the winter.

The region has a long experience of international elite events in alpine skiing, biathlon and skating. For example were the Alpine World Ski Championships held in Åre in both 2007 and 2019.

The Sámi culture, with its own history and traditions, has had a major influence on the region. The County of Jämtland has 12 Sámi villages and around 44,000 reindeers.

The region is full of culinary innovators: award-winning breweries, working shielings, farm dairies with tasty produce, bakeries, and of, course, charming restaurants. No wonder the region around Östersund is one of the world’s Creative Cities of Gastronomy, as awarded by UNESCO.

The highest mountain peak in the region is Helags, which has Sweden’s southernmost glacier and stands 1,797 meters above sea level. Sonfjället in Härjedalen is the county’s national park. The area also has some 50 nature reserves.

Lake Storsjön in the centre of the county is Sweden’s fifth largest lake. Lake Storsjön is said to be the home of the Storsjö Monster. It was first mentioned in a legend from 1635, and today there are more than 200 witness reports from 500 people who claim to have seen the Storsjö Monster. It is possible to stop and look for the monster at the many viewing points all around the lake.

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Facts about Jämtland


Åre, Vemdalen, Funäsfjällen, and Lofsdalen.
The region is known for it’s nature, winter activities, reindeer, and Sami people.

Lake Storsjön is the home of the Storsjö Monster.